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It’s been awfully quiet around here for the past 10 or so months. I figure we should do some recalibrating here at Second Lunch so that we can all get properly calibrated for optimal content consumption.

Here’s a dinosaur.


And here’s the same dinosaur in a baby blue polo shirt and slacks.

Dinosaur 2

So fresh, right? Okay, so as much as I’d love to delve into the minutiae of dinosaur fashion, we actually have more important business to attend to.

So it turns out that trying create an animated web-series from scratch (in my free time) is incredibly taxing from a creative–in some ways, physical–standpoint, so I decided to take the summer off after most of the series was written/illustrated/recorded.

But when you add “animation” to the mix, things tend to get tricky. Imagine making a really, really, really detailed flip-book with sounds and effects after a full day of work at your real job. It’s not exactly a cakewalk.

So what was originally intended to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 mini-episodes has been dwindled down to only a few. A few episodes that I am still very proud of. The first one will go live next week and the remaining eps will release over the next month or so.

Anyway, there’s another brand new post going up in the next couple days that should indirectly describe my prolonged absence. I think it might even help some of you as well. It’ll still continue to be slow around here, but this mainly has to do with me moving onto a higher end illustration program. I’m really excited as to what this could mean for Second Lunch and I can’t wait to start sharing new material as well.

Hugs and Lazers,



I don’t care that it’s Saturday. This is a special weekend post for those of you that read the blog portion of Second Lunch. It’s also a sneak peak of sorts.

Over the past few months I’ve been honing in on a more detailed illustration style that more closely resembles how I doodle things in my actual sketchbook. I wasn’t going to waste a post writing about it, because oh my god that would be boring.

BUT, I was going through some old files of when I started illustrating stuff last year and it’s surprising to see how my style has evolved over that time period when I’m basically just drawing glorified stick-figures.

Here’s a look at my updated illustration style.

What do you guys think?

I like it. To me it just feels right and more personable. It isn’t fully realized yet, so I’ll keep tinkering with it. But this is essentially the look I’m going for.

Don’t be worried though if you’re thinking I’m abandoning my current style. I’m just incorporating this new style into select posts going forward and I wanted those of you that read the blog to be the first to see and hear about it.

But the real reason I’m writing this post is to talk about growth. With me being more focused on the visuals as a blogger, it becomes a lot easier to see growth over time.


I wasn’t aware of how much Second Lunch had evolved over the past year until I looked back at that earlier stuff. I think that’s pretty nifty. It’s also reassuring to know that I’m growing with my illustrating; hopefully for the better.

That’s why I blog. I want to take little stories or ideas and create things as a way to communicate with you, the reader. And I want to see that I’m always challenging myself and growing as a blogger. I don’t know where this all leads, I’ve never blogged this long before. But the desire to start something and finish it far out weighs all of the hours I put into my blog, so I keep going.

Now, what about you guys? How has your blog or you as a blogger evolved since when you started? What keeps you going?


Hey guys,

Just a simple update this week (and maybe a Second Lunch Short later in the week? winkwinkwinkink) as I’m putting the finishing touches on some stuff I think you’ll enjoy.

Anyway, here in Boston we get all 4 seasons, which is both amazing and awful at the same time. Sometimes it’ll be 75F in January and other times it snows in April. I shit you not. Currently, we’re at the precipice of the Autumnal apex. Leaves have started to turn colors and pumpkin flavored everything is in full swing.

In the midst of this seasonal transition, I thought to myself, “Tim, why doesn’t Second Lunch reflect the seasons as well?” I decided this was a great idea, so I spruced up the main page to celebrate the season and festivities, Second Lunch style. I’ve included the new icons below.


Oh, and in case you’re a new reader, that purple block is my writer’s block, Ernesto. It’s explained beautifully right here.


Hey guys, just a mini update. I added a new tab on the main page called “SHORTS.”

Cool, Tim. But what the frack does that mean, you’re wondering?

Well, if you haven’t seen it yet, let me just say that it’s probably the best page EVER dedicated to one of the best articles of clothing EVER. Upon clicking the page, you’ll be immediately inundated with pictures of short-shorts, long-shorts, the ever elusive mid-shorts, and any other possible length incantation of said clothing. You’ll also be treated to shorts essays, shorts poems, shorts stories–you get the idea–about shorts.


The SHORTS page is actually a place where I’ll be placing some short, story-like illustrations / comics centered around the characters you guys have grown familiar with here on Second Lunch. I think creating a separate page for their continuing narrative would better suit the short projects I have planned for them, rather than having them get lost in the Blog, which I’d rather keep for writing updates and illustrated blog posts. So, in addition to typical Second Lunch content, expect to see a whole bunch of adventures featuring Timmer, Ernesto, Momo, and a few other characters as well as I start to flesh out this new world.

This is one of those bigger projects I mentioned a while ago. I’m excited to finally get it going. I hope you’re excited too.

Click the image to view a quick comic. Another one will be going up sometime later this week.

Hogsmeade is for lovers,