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In this episode Baba and I pitch one another ideas ranging from cutting edge ice cream shops to a new and more exciting way of playing fantasy sports. We also go on to give our takes on the new NBC show “Hannibal.”

Need some terrible advice? Do you have topic ideas? Well, leave questions or comments below and we’ll probably address them in the podcast, boiiiiiii.

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I think some of the search engine terms that pop up on my stats page are downright hilarious. For example, can you imagine the look on the two peoples faces that landed here because they were searching the following quote:

“Everything will be okay in the end, if it’s not okay it’s not the end”

I hope they landed on my Ikea comic. The one with the wooden Pegasus dropping an F-bomb.

Anypoops, I’ve come to the realization that my blog title is a little too clever for it’s own good. People are arriving here with serious inquisitions about an actual, “second lunch,” of which, I am of no help. It takes about 3.1 seconds to realize that this isn’t a food blog in the slightest, and you can rest assured dear readers that I have no intentions of ever turning it into one. But that doesn’t mean for one magical evening, I can’t roll up my sleeves and put my cooking chops on display.

Damn, those are some nice chops (it’s okay, I’m Asian).

…Moving on.

Let’s make a pepperoni pizza Second Lunch style!


I’ve always felt that recipes were more of a guideline anyway. It’s good to finagle around with the ingredients and exercise a little panache. Let’s continue making this pizza.

You may have noticed that I didn’t take any of the ingredients out of the packaging. I’m almost positive that the high temps should incinerate everything, releasing the ingredients into the mix. To help pass the time and bring about that “burnt to a crisp” elegance we’re after, I would suggest getting lost in an activity to ensure we definitely burn the pizza. WatchingTV, Youtube, or even sightseeing are  great ways to go about this.





It looks deceiving, but I’m pretty sure that by burning the pizza we essentially “lock in” all the flavors. Now that our pizza has a protective outer layer we should, um, plant it in some soil.

Okay, the cat is out of the bag. I have very little cooking prowess to lean on. I’m probably cooking at a 5th grade level if I were to be honest with myself.

So what about you guys? What funny search engine queries are driving people to your blog?