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Today was a good day. I made an octopus.

I imagine that statement might be a bit confusing without some framing or reference, so I’ll try my best to explain.

1. It’s the first thing I’ve completed in a new program that I’ve been learning (Adobe Illustrator).

The steep learning curve on Adobe Illustrator has been quite a rude awakening for me. For example, imagine drawing a house and some stick figures in MS Paint. Pretty doable, right? Just use a couple of the different shape tools at your disposal and then BAM, you got yourself a house and some people. Hell, let’s even get fancy and add some landscape.

Okay, now imagine someone asked you to recreate that same exact picture in Microsoft Excel. And also imagine there are spiders everywhere (I don’t know why there would be spiders everywhere, but I feel like it raises the emotional stakes of the analogy so we’re rolling with it). Where would you even begin? Kill the spiders? Or should I find the average of the house and then use summation for all the people? Oh shit, are these spiders poisonous?! I don’t know, guys. I just don’t know.

That’s what learning this new software feels like. Spiders.

2. (And most importantly) I’m slowly making my way out of the creative black hole I’ve found myself in.

I kind of just lost my creative edge for the better part of this year. I really just flamed out. I indirectly summed up that experience in my last post, so I won’t waste any time dwelling on it over here.

Anyway, some good news is that I think I’ve found the best way for me to create things for Second Lunch. And that is to take a music artist’s approach to content. By that I mean I’m going to batch my work like it’s an EP or an album. I am not currently interested in creating work like it’s a weekly TV series, I honestly have no idea how most of you pull it off on your own sites. Are you wizards? You must be wizards. At least I know now that I’ll most likely never be happy trying to produce content on a strict schedule (and this is coming from someone who is still definitely interested in building a larger readership, just not obsessed about it) and that makes a world of difference in my mindset.

The bad news is that there will undoubtably be long stretches of radio silence here on this site as I continue to work my out of my creative rut and build a new batch of material. Unfortunately, I don’t know how long it will take me to get there. I’m hoping sooner rather than later.

But today was a good day. Today I made something. I made an octopus.


It’s been awfully quiet around here for the past 10 or so months. I figure we should do some recalibrating here at Second Lunch so that we can all get properly calibrated for optimal content consumption.

Here’s a dinosaur.


And here’s the same dinosaur in a baby blue polo shirt and slacks.

Dinosaur 2

So fresh, right? Okay, so as much as I’d love to delve into the minutiae of dinosaur fashion, we actually have more important business to attend to.

So it turns out that trying create an animated web-series from scratch (in my free time) is incredibly taxing from a creative–in some ways, physical–standpoint, so I decided to take the summer off after most of the series was written/illustrated/recorded.

But when you add “animation” to the mix, things tend to get tricky. Imagine making a really, really, really detailed flip-book with sounds and effects after a full day of work at your real job. It’s not exactly a cakewalk.

So what was originally intended to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 mini-episodes has been dwindled down to only a few. A few episodes that I am still very proud of. The first one will go live next week and the remaining eps will release over the next month or so.

Anyway, there’s another brand new post going up in the next couple days that should indirectly describe my prolonged absence. I think it might even help some of you as well. It’ll still continue to be slow around here, but this mainly has to do with me moving onto a higher end illustration program. I’m really excited as to what this could mean for Second Lunch and I can’t wait to start sharing new material as well.

Hugs and Lazers,



Well, there’s the first look at the animated web-shorts I’m working on. I really wanted to get it out so you guys could get a feel for the animation style and a little bit of the humor. There will be about several shorts in total, some longer than others, but usually around a few minutes in length.

It’s been pretty neat trying to get this project off the ground, but it’ll be good to get back to doing illustrations once I wrap up this little passion project.

But as a supplement, I’m gonna keep doing podcasts for the next few months. I’ll typically be riffing on a topic with a co-host or two. I’m also thinking of expanding it by adding a segment of having other bloggers as guests. Or adding a questions segment. What do you guys think? Right now the podcast is mainly for my enjoyment, but it would be pretty cool to try and find an audience for it so sound off below!

Anyway, thanks for continuing to check back in. Can’t wait to start rolling these web-shorts out.




I’m not much of a personal blogger on my site, at least not directly. I wrap my personality up in illustrations, because when I try to write clever and witty prose it’s like trying to hammer a nail by breathing on it. This probably makes it a little harder to get a read on me. But I strongly believe you’ll walk away from this quick behind the scenes video feeling like you know me a bit better. You’ll also probably be in sheer awe from seeing just how professional and efficient I am in the way I operate Second Lunch. What what?


Hey Lunchers,

I promised I’d post a few updates during the development of the web-series project, so here’s a little bit of info and some behind the scenes goodness I thought would be interesting to share.

For those of you that follow Second Lunch on Facebook, you know that I recently finished the pilot episode when I teased this doozy of a screenshot to you guys.
Screen shot 2013-02-10 at 4.09.38 PM

Here’s the thing. I really liked how the pilot turned out–animation is hard, yo! My friends helping me with the web-series really liked the pilot as well. But there was something about it that just seemed off to me. It still felt like a rough draft–like there was a better version somewhere in there waiting to be found.

Here’s a larger version of another frame in the pilot:


I looked at that image and I thought to myself Tim, you can do better than this. DO BETTER.  So I scraped the drawings from the pilot and I went back to the drawing board (literally!) to raise the bar.

And here’s what that same frame above looks like now:



That feels so much better. Right?

Anyway, I just wanted to actually show you guys what the web-series will look like visually, but for now, it’s time for me to hunker back down, write/revise episodes, and as usual: DRAW!

Hopefully more stuff soon,