THE Bracket-ELITE 8-01


5 Takeaways on The Elite 8

1) Half of the shows in the Elite 8 are cartoons. But three of them are on the same side of the bracket, meaning that they will have to cannibalize one another. It’s still possible that we see an all cartoon final, but that means Hey Arnold! has to go Red Wedding in the Elite 8 AND Final Four. I think that the most probable outcome, is that we’re going to end up with a cartoon vs live-action show championship matchup, which is much more interesting anyway.

2) Clarissa Explains It All won by a single vote. A SINGLE VOTE! Guys, that’s as close as we’ll get to a buzzer beater for the win in this tourney. Honestly, I thought Ren & Stimpy would have scraped out the win. But it’s reassuring to know that the voting body at least has a working moral compass.

3) Doug has been laying waste to the competition and I don’t see any reason that it will stop in the ELITE 8. You may look at the match-ups and point to the ease-of-schedule, I prefer to call it a boy still hell bent on impressing Patty Mayonnaise.

4) I’m curious what would have happened had I expanded to a 64 show tournament that included T.G.I.F, Disney, and other shows. Recess, Boy Meets World, Step by Step, Family Matters, Home Improvement, Pokémon …Oh God, never mind, this tournament would have been a bloodbath.

5) Does Nickelodeon exist now? I could very well look this up. But I choose not to. I hope that it doesn’t and that it will remain in my memory, as the perfect channel in an era where you knew the exact times of your shows and you knew to get your ass parked in front of a TV so that you didn’t miss them.


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Easy-Bake Oven Region

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