Jonathan Taylor Thomas Region


Out of all 4 regions, JTT is my favorite. Mostly because it has the best name, but partly because seeds 1-4 cover the entirety of the types of shows Nickelodeon Produced:

1. Doug (cartoon)

2. Legends of The Hidden Temple (game show)

3. Salute Your Shorts (live action / single-cam)

4. Kenan & Kel (sketch comedy)

This region sums up Nickelodeon so well that I just want to punch it in its smug little face. But first, let’s analyze the match-ups!

(1) Doug vs (8) Roundhouse

Analysis: Two words: green sweatervest.

Winner: (1) Doug

(4) Kenan & Kel vs (5) CatDog

Analysis: I like this matchup purely from a “who is the better duo?” perspective. I was never a huge fan of either show, and to be honest, the orange soda bit can only be so funny for so long. But it comes down to this: Kenan & Kel is a strong 4-seed and CatDog is a weak 5-seed, so this is actually a much easier matchup to predict than what the seedings tell you at quick glance.

Winner: (4) Kenan & Kel

(3) Salute Your Shorts vs (6) The Wild Thornberrys

Analysis: This is a pretty awesome old school Nick vs new school Nick matchup. I love it. The winner will be entirely dependent on the average age of the voting population. If The Wild Thornberrys advances based on there being a younger voting age average, well I think it’s not out impossible that it goes on to make an improbable run into the Elite-8.

But whatever happens here, I think we can all agree, Salute Your Shorts had one of the all-time best intros of any show.

Winner: (3) Salute Your Shorts

(2) Legends of The Hidden Temple vs. (7) Eureeka’s Castle

In 2004 I realized that Legends of The Hidden Temple was a pop-culture phenomenon. I was a college freshman in need of a costume idea for a big group of people. After many failed ideas that were too expensive, too complicated, I came up with the winning idea. I pitched that we go as the Blue Barracudas, Silver Snakes, Red Jaguars, etc. It was hailed as the best idea; not too complicated, not too expensive, and TOTALLY CLEVER. The only problem was that we had come up with this idea too late in the game to pull it off effectively, so we scrapped it in favor of just doing solo costumes. It wasn’t until the first few boozed filled halloween parties that I realized we had dodged a bullet. Legends of The Hidden Temple costumes we’re EVERYWHERE. You couldn’t escape it. That’s when I knew LoTHT was more than a show, it was a postcard from my youth.

Eureeka’s Castle might have gotten the short end of the stick by being given a 7-seed, but honestly, I think even Roundhouse could give it a run for its money.

Winner: (2) Legends of the Hidden Temple

Regional Champion Prediction: (1) Doug

Bracket Buster: (6) The Wild Thornberrys