It was recently brought to my attention that DUNKAROOS are now an extinct snack. It hurts to read and write that sentence. Guys, if time travel becomes a thing, going back for all the DUNKAROOS has to be on our absolutely-must-do list.

7 of these shows will go the way of the DUNKAROOS. Which one do I think will rise to the top? Let’s find out.

(1) All That vs (8) The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo

Analysis: Ok, I was prepared to call All That the weakest of all the 1-seeds. But after watching highlights on Youtube of the original era (relaunched in the 2000s with a new cast), you could talk me into this being one of the stronger 1-seeds. After all, they did produce some great running skits like; Good Burger, The Loud Librarian, Amanda Bynes as Ross Perot (actually, this is just a really, really strange skit), Miss Pidlin, and Everyday French with Pierre Escargot.

Shelby Woo would have had a better chance if turned out that she was the next, Next Karate Kid.

Winner: (1) All That

(4) The Angry Beavers vs (5) Nick Arcade

Analysis: America, it saddens me that one of the greatest game shows in game show history is about to get Game of Throne’d by a couple of Angry Beavers in the first round. That’s fine, The Angry Beavers was a great show. But for the briefest of moments in the early ‘90s, we saw the future of video games.

But, if you need some convincing of how amazing Nick Arcade was, may I present exhibit-A. It features a pre-’N Sync Joey Fatone. Actually, I’m not sure if this is a winning endorsement or a detraction.

Winner: (4) The Angry Beavers

(3) GUTS vs. (6) The Amanda Show

Analysis: The Amanda Show premiered in 1999, but so much of its essence derives from All That, that it has to be grouped into the ‘90s. And isn’t it interesting that The Amanda Show should be in the same bracket as its mentor? It doesn’t really matter though because it’s going up against GUTS. And there is no way the Aggro Crag loses in the opening round. None.

Winner: (3) GUTS

(2) Hey Arnold! vs. (7) Inspector Gadget

Analysis: Inspector Gadget was an admirable cartoon, but c’mon, Hey Arnold! is almost a perfect cartoon. It had that pitch perfect blend of comedy, navel-gazing, absurdism, and heart, packaged with some really slick animation. Quite simply, it was a show about life.

Winner: (2) Hey Arnold!

Regional Champion Prediction: (2) Hey Arnold

Bracket Buster: (4) The Angry Beavers

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