Well, there’s the first look at the animated web-shorts I’m working on. I really wanted to get it out so you guys could get a feel for the animation style and a little bit of the humor. There will be about several shorts in total, some longer than others, but usually around a few minutes in length.

It’s been pretty neat trying to get this project off the ground, but it’ll be good to get back to doing illustrations once I wrap up this little passion project.

But as a supplement, I’m gonna keep doing podcasts for the next few months. I’ll typically be riffing on a topic with a co-host or two. I’m also thinking of expanding it by adding a segment of having other bloggers as guests. Or adding a questions segment. What do you guys think? Right now the podcast is mainly for my enjoyment, but it would be pretty cool to try and find an audience for it so sound off below!

Anyway, thanks for continuing to check back in. Can’t wait to start rolling these web-shorts out.




16 Responses to “Hey! Here’s a sneak peak at the web-shorts.”

    • timmer

      Ha, observant question, Margarita. I’ve had a Vimeo account for a while, but no Youtube account. The web-shorts will all be in Youtube, though.


      • Margarita

        The reason I asked is because I noticed that Vimeo can be accessed on TV with a Roku device (I’m not very techie), but YouTube can’t, and I wondered if that had anything to do with your decision!


  1. hollyacito

    Ha, this is totally me. I can only drink hot coffee when I’m cold and cold coffee when I’m hot. I think we are all the same bread…people who have to sleep with one leg under and one leg out of the covers.


    • Pixie Girl

      Hmm… why did I say all of them… I mean all of what was on Vimeo, and hoping there will be more to see! Sorry, I’m still waking up.



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