Second Lunch Podcast Episode 1

I like to talk about things. I have friends that also like to talk about things. So it occurred to me that talking to my friends about things and recording it could make for a super neat fantastic Second Lunch supplement. So in this podcast I’m joined by my friend Babacar to discuss Game of Thrones, the imminent return of Arrested Development, NBC’s Thursday Night comedy block, and lastly, our interest in video games.

The podcast format is evolving, so help us grow it by leaving comments or questions! Who knows, maybe we’ll be podcasting with some of you in the future.

Heads up: a teensy bit of explicit language crops up, but it’s like those whack-a-mole games, it’s gone before you know it. I expect this to be the norm going forward. Hooray. 


4 Responses to “Second Lunch: PODCAST EDITION.”

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