Man, who would’ve thought getting an animated web-series up and running would be a really time-consuming task?

Oh, wait. I never told you guys that I was developing a web-series? Oops, there goes the cat right out of the bag.

Creating an animated web-series for Second Lunch is something I’ve been thinking about doing for quite some time now as I’m convinced it’s the best and most exciting way for me to convey my sense of humor. And so I’ve spent the last several weeks jumping head first into the development process. Now I see that I absolutely bit off way more than I could chew, mainly because I’ll be drawing and editing the entire thing myself. Luckily, I’ve got a couple friends joining me in the writing and voice acting departments to make this a more collaborative effort. You are free to interpret the former as us getting drunk and pitching an obscene amount of fart jokes per episode.

We recently took a big step forward for the project by recording the audio for the first few episodes, which means I’m already elbow deep into drawing and editing them. So, don’t worry if you think this thing is a delusion of grandeur, I’m absolutely grinding away at the project on a daily basis. Unfortunately, I won’t be releasing the web-series until I’ve finished editing the entire block of episodes we’ve been developing. This is similar to how HBO produces their original programs, write and film the entire season before the first episode even airs. I think this type of approach will be infinitely better than me trying to hit hard deadlines week after week. So, basically, this thing is done when it’s done, most likely by Spring.


Anyway, I just wanted to write you guys a little blog post about what I’ve been up to creatively and why it’s been eerily quiet around here the past couple of months. Oh, one more thing. I also won’t be posting any new major illustration material until after releasing the web-series episodes. BUT, I will be posting updates as we go, some behind the scenes stuff, and hopefully a little trailer really soon. I’m super excited to get this project out to you guys.  And as always,  let’s keep ‘keeping it real’ on the Twitz and Book of Faces.

See ya sooner than you think,



17 Responses to “Wait for it…waaaait for it….”

  1. tootonesbored

    hark… shark farts….
    (am off to type “shark farts” into my”reader” to see how many people use that as a legitimate tag…. could be I’m missing out on a niche grouping of …… shark fart lovers?)


  2. vyvacious

    I’m super excited for your animated web series but sad to see even less of your illustrations. It shall be worth it though! Can’t wait!! :D


    • timmer

      I tried to do both, I really did. But then illustrations and animation were both starting to suffer. Fear not, I’ll still be all up in some illustrations once I”m done this project.


      • vyvacious

        I know what you mean. Ever since I started baking more, my blog is getting hit a bit and I can’t post as many recipes because it takes more time to draft up the recipes and fine-tune all the pictures until they’re just right.

        Excited for EVERYTHING!! :D


  3. becca3416

    I am so excited for you. You are moving on up! I am sad that we have to wait, but also stoked to see the end result. Oh and hey, I hope you will be on the look out for an announcement regarding the meet-up Jen and I are trying to organize here soon (if I didn’t already tell you). Happy Hump Day!


  4. A.R.

    how about publishing a book of your popular comic strips and illustrations? okay let’s slow down a bit. Good luck!



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