31 Responses to “Lonely Blue Dinosaur & The Hiker”

  1. TAE

    Oh hey, it’s you! This is cute!
    I wanted to ask you something: would you mind if I used some of your designs for tutoring? I tutor hs drop-outs at a non-profit in preparation for the GED test, and pictures are great to get them to be more at ease writing stuff…


  2. sexbandtherapy

    I’m totally going to have nightmares now of demon cheeseburgers. thanks!


  3. Archie

    Why do I have a feeling that the dinosaur is afraid of the demon cheeseburger too? I think he should just eat him while watching re runs of Chuky


  4. vlackerine

    Reblogged this on vlackerine and commented:
    Love the graphics and imagery plus really good imagination!
    Here comes the demon cheeseburger! RRRRAAAAWWWWWRRRR!



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