Happy Thanksgiving Week!

And if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving…Happy 2lk;j123nad Day! This is an amorphous holiday I just thought up, so celebrate in whatever way feels right to you. I celebrate by eating ice cream sandwiches and pelvic thrusting the air.

Anyway, I’m thankful for lots of things. All the usual stuff like family, friends, health, pizza, etc. But there’s something I didn’t realize I’d be thankful for this year. You guys, the readers!

So, thanks for following along, for however long you’ve been with me. I also just renewed my domain for another year, because the best way I can thank you guys, is to keep making stuff for you to enjoy.

Ok, after this week I’ll be back to posting more interesting things.

Over and Out,





Ah, what the hell, here’s a bonus comic for being so aweshum.



22 Responses to “Gobble Gobble Meow”

      • dianasschwenk

        Funny you should ask! They started black friday here last year at the same time of year that you have it. No surprise as a lot of American companies have moved in and Calgary has the highest per capita American population in Canada. There are 80,000 American registered voters here and estimates go as high as 100,000! Y’all seem to like this city. ;)


  1. Nicolle

    First, Momo’s Turduckencat totally reminds me of the Friends episode where Joey gets his head stuck in a turkey.

    Two, love the Angry Birds costumes! Have you played Angry Birds Star Wars yet? Light sabers, the force and lasers are all a part of it. Best version yet!

    And of course Happy Thanksgiving!!!


    • timmer

      I haven’t. But I have seen it! Oh man, I’ve been really good about not getting caught up with gaming on my phone too…but I just might have to get back on that horse.


  2. Daan van den Bergh

    Well, as a fellow creator I think you’re doing a great job. I might’ve created mankind, but you are doing a hell of a job creating colorful stick figures!

    I’m proud of you, my son.



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