Ok, now that I’ve pulled you in with my sexy Gangnam Style dance moves, it’s time for a quick update.

I wanted to let you know that it’ll be a little sparse around these parts for the next two weeks.

I know, that’s like a lifetime in blogging. It bums me out having to write these types of posts (especially for someone who typically only posts once a week). But that’s what you have to sometimes do as a part-time blogger.

The workload at the day job is gettin’ C to the RAZY and I need to shift most of my focus towards that for a little bit. Because it pays the bills, as well as for my crippling pizza addiction.

So today’s post counts as my weekly post and next week will be something small-ish as well.

While we’re on the topic of posts, it seems like the stuff I’ve been working on since returning from my hiatus, ends up taking me a long time to complete. Easily several+ hours a week, most of which are spent on just illustrating and editing the post.

Thinking up an idea and writing a draft usually takes even longer; Before________, We Had_________. incubated for a few months in a notebook before I figured out how I wanted to illustrate it.

In no way shape or form am I complaining about how long it takes me to make stuff. I absolutely LOVE the process of creating posts. And I absolutely LOVE trying out modified illustration styles–like in Tweets Illustrated–or even having to take more time and care with more story-ish types of posts, like The Bearer of The Ring or Finding The Bottom of The Bottomless Cup, so that they’re presented in a way that is entertaining to you, the reader.

I mean, I could certainly turn this into a Tumblr like blog and just draw random things several times a week, but then you’d just get things like this:

…ok, that turned out better than expected. But you know what I’m getting at, this type of posting would get really old, really fast. Blogs need substance, yo.

So hang tight for a quick second and I’ll be back to posting heartier Second Lunch material in a couple weeks. Because I have have a lot more to show you guys. And I feel like I’m just getting started.

UPDATE: I want to emphasize that this is ABSOLUTELY NOT another hiatus. There will still be content going up over the next 2 weeks, some of that may even show up over at the Facebook Page, where a few of you may have noticed I post illustrations that don’t show up here on the blog :D


16 Responses to “TIMeout”

  1. GiggsMcGill Jill

    Between the stunna shades and unicorns I think I got distracted from what the post was about… You were talking about epic fantasy battles right?? ^.^

    (But good luck with everything! I’m excited even for small posts!)


  2. Margarita

    I’m finding that one of the very interesting things about blogging and having an audience is that it gives us a framework to chronicle our evolution as well as a discipline of commitment that, for me at least, does not exist in simple journaling. I’ll be waiting! xoM


  3. postmoderngirls;

    It’s the end of the year, things get ridiculous- take the time you need, Timface.

    Also, that unicorn drawing is possibly the greatest thing you have ever drawn for Second Lunch.



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