Hey guys, just a mini update. I added a new tab on the main page called “SHORTS.”

Cool, Tim. But what the frack does that mean, you’re wondering?

Well, if you haven’t seen it yet, let me just say that it’s probably the best page EVER dedicated to one of the best articles of clothing EVER. Upon clicking the page, you’ll be immediately inundated with pictures of short-shorts, long-shorts, the ever elusive mid-shorts, and any other possible length incantation of said clothing. You’ll also be treated to shorts essays, shorts poems, shorts stories–you get the idea–about shorts.


The SHORTS page is actually a place where I’ll be placing some short, story-like illustrations / comics centered around the characters you guys have grown familiar with here on Second Lunch. I think creating a separate page for their continuing narrative would better suit the short projects I have planned for them, rather than having them get lost in the Blog, which I’d rather keep for writing updates and illustrated blog posts. So, in addition to typical Second Lunch content, expect to see a whole bunch of adventures featuring Timmer, Ernesto, Momo, and a few other characters as well as I start to flesh out this new world.

This is one of those bigger projects I mentioned a while ago. I’m excited to finally get it going. I hope you’re excited too.

Click the image to view a quick comic. Another one will be going up sometime later this week.

Hogsmeade is for lovers,


6 Responses to “Second Lunch SHORTS”

    • timmer

      Thanks, Becca! I’m rocking a WordPress premium theme. I think it’s called Portfolio. It wasn’t cheap, but it’s the best theme for what I do on my blog and I think it’ll be worth it in the long run.



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