30 Responses to “The 7 Phases of a “Song of Summer””

  1. postmoderngirls;

    SO glad I’m in the other hemisphere and missed the godawful ‘summer’ tuneage. I only had to deal with it to get through US men’s Olympic swim team’s video… and that had Ryan Lochte’s hotdouchebag self to distract from the song.



  2. QueridaJ

    ugh….hate when that happens…but i refused to listen to this annoying song
    and got held up instead belatedly by “now you’re just somebody that I use to know”…


    • timmer

      I think we’re pretty much at the exile stage for most of these summer songs. Which means a new crop should be getting ready to hatch.


  3. Lily Stamper Lalage

    I think the worst part about the whole summer anthem thing is when you willfully try to avoid it, but then you go out in public. That’s why all I need is air conditioning, my computer, and the occasional trip to 7/11.


  4. quintessentiallysimplistic

    Reblogged this on Surviving IB and commented:
    I miss summer, with its bad pop and even worse heat. Mostly, though, I miss the lack of homework and the overabundance of illegally downloaded TV shows online and Facebook, which I no longer have access to because of grade problems.


  5. foreigninput

    why is it that you get to remember the songs you love to hate? and I’m not even sure about the love..BUT.. absolutely love this!!…if you ever feature jbieber..i trust you will have an interesting end to the story lmao



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