Blog note: You guys, I want to make it very clear that I am the only person working / drawing / writing / editing / or doing any other “______ing’s” on this site. This will make more sense as you read on.

About this time last year, I noticed my Facebook News Feed was transforming into a platform for my digital friends to post complaints and depressing quips on an array of different topics. I don’t blame them one bit; Facebook was always headed for this type of paradigm shift.

Oh, and there were also way more baby pics all of sudden. It was like a poorly photographed Baby Gap advertisement, you guys.

Don’t get me wrong, I love complaining just as much as the next person, but I really try and stray from blowing up my friends’ news feeds with complaints and pictures of myself infront of a mirror, you know?

Well, this bombardment of gloom went on for some time. And then I had an idea. What if I created a Facebook page dedicated solely to making awesome things in an attempt to offset this disturbing trend I was seeing online?! After mulling the whole thing over, I decided that I was going to do something about it. And with a lot of help from my friend, Nate (the same Nate whose cartoon avatar pops up every now and then around these parts), we were able to co-create and launch a FB Page to alleviate those Facebook blues.

The initial response within our group of friends was really great. The content we were creating was in stark contrast to what our friends’ news feeds had started to look like. Better yet, we were creating content solely within Facebook. We were using the News Feed against itself.

Cool, right?

And what did we call this Facebook page of awesomeness?

We called it “Second Lunch.”

That’s right, the Second Lunch you guys all have come to know actually began as an experiment on Facebook. At the time it mainly consisted of Nate and I producing little video sketches with the help of some other friends as well. But, eventually, I added my illustrations. And drawing those comics and illustrations set something in motion for me. It would eventually lead me to creating a site dedicated solely to my illustrations.

So, I created, err, I recreated Second Lunch on WordPress as a solo project. And I ended up finding a really great audience that has grown far beyond anything I anticipated at this stage of the game.

Neat, but what am I getting at you ask?

Well, I’ve decided it’s time I merged the two together. So, going forward, the Facebook page will act as the fan page for this site, and anything I post on the page you can assume is me behind it, unless otherwise noted–the page prior to this was very much my voice and Nate’s voice in tandem.

So, what then is the benefit of joining the Facebook page?

Well, for one thing, sketch videos created by Nate still pop up from time to time, and sometimes I even show up in them :D Those videos are posted to the page under the new name of “We Make Stuff.” The sketch videos will only show up on the FB page and not on this site. Also, sometimes I want to do one-off illustrations that are way to short to be a weekly blog post that you guys come to expect, so maybe I’ll be doing some of that over there.

Oh, and just as a fair warning for those of you that fall over and die from hearing profanity, especially F-bombs, there are a couple that quietly find their way into only a few of the videos (but not the one below). I don’t know entirely why I raise the issue because I’ve definitely dropped F-bombs on this blog before and will most likely continue to do so at my own discretion, because, fuck it! right? I guess, maybe it’s just different hearing it said aloud rather than reading it?

Anyway, enough with all this writing, below you will find video of Nate and I trying to explain what Second Lunch was when we first launched it last year. It’s VERY informative.

Oh (again), this is kind of like a vlog, I guess, so let me know if hearing my voice and seeing my face drastically changes the way you read my blog. BECAUSE I’M ALL ABOUT SHATTERING YOUR PERCEPTIONS OF ME.

FYI The image below is a link for the Facebook Page. So click it if you want to view it. You can also find it on the Homepage.


I know very well that some of you guys despise Facebook or don’t use it all together (I often feel the same way on my personal account). I just wanted to let you guys know that Second Lunch Facebook Page exists and that it’s there if you guys want or don’t want it. It will mainly act as another social media tool for me to post notifications for new illustrations and as general way to interact with some of you guys. Thanks.



9 Responses to “Like a vlog, but better, probably.”

  1. Ruchika

    You said to let you know if seeing your face and hearing your face had an impact any way. So, here it goes. oh and brace yourself, run for cover etc etc. :D Just kidding. No fireworks. :D
    yeah so, hey Tim with a face finally! until now when i pictured second lunch, i pictured one of those blank blue Id figures Facebook has for people who just refuse to put their Display Pictures. Or I would think some of your cartoons, specially the virtual war one. But now, now. I know TIM! Now this is TIM”S BLOG really. And second lunch literarily has a face behind it. :D That’s all. Though I think I know why you said you would be ‘shattering’ perceptions, pls, dude, Cool!


    • timmer

      Yes! I figured I should let people know there is a ‘real’ person behind Second Lunch and not some blurry photograph of a supposed person or a cartoon avatar. And, hopefully, I’ll do more of this type of stuff so that you guys can connect with the site on a more personal level. Thanks!


  2. Svelte

    Awesome idea, I’m in!
    I also despise FB and rue the day that I succumbed to it. We maintain this hate/hate relationship!!!:)


  3. postmoderngirls;

    I like that Ernesto is the face of Second Lunch facebook.

    I’m not going to lie. I giggled straight through that video- I’m not quite sure why. Is that awkward? Sorry.


    • timmer

      Ernesto is the perfect face of Second Lunch. He encompasses a torpor yet hopeful outlook on all things.

      Not awkward. SUPER APPROPRIATE.



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