Scroll down slowly if you want to try and guess the show

I didn’t design the cards with this game in mind.

But if you somehow guess any of them correctly, then I will assume that you are probably a superhero

(Hint: Scroll mouse over any illustration to reveal a quote from the show)

I saw some other people on the internetzzz using pictograms or icons to make minimal style fan art for things and I said to myself, “You know what? Why don’t I take that idea and add a little Second Lunch ‘BAM!’ to it?” So I took the icon idea and came up with business cards for TV shows, because my brain works in mysteriously awkward ways like that. For most of the cards I tried to create images that were like little inside jokes for those of you that have seen any of the above shows. Also, I’m pretty sure I didn’t spoil anything with these cards. If I did, shame on you.

20 Responses to “TV Business Cards”

    • timmer

      Oh, that works as well. It probably doesn’t help that I retroactively made the game up after making the cards.


  1. free penny press

    I don’t watch TV so I can’t guess, BUT I can say these are awesome.. you are so talented and witty!!!


    • timmer

      haha, I guess I don’t really ‘watch’ as much TV as the cards imply, it’s typically background noise when I’m working on stuff. But it does help me keep my wit in shape.


  2. foreigninput

    hahahahahaha..this is so awesome! I worry that I got most of them right…time to read a book maybe?…i enjoyed this quite a lot..well done!!!



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