This week’s post is a little different. I’m currently working on a couple projects for the site that need more incubation time to develop, so I’m gonna go into the way back machine and pull out some illustrations from my pre-Second Lunch Days.

A fun little story about those early days:

In 2009 I started a group Tumblr (you won’t find the site, it’s on lockdown anyways), with my buddy Nate, whom you’ve seen characterized on this blog every now and then, and one other guest contributor you probably know,  a blogger by the name of Allie Brosh, of Hyperbole and a Half. This was all of course way before Allie turned the blogging world on its head.  As most blogs seem to do though, it eventually folded in on itself within a few months, and was left to die on the internet. But that Tumblr eventually led me to Second Lunch, so maybe it’s a good thing that it folded?  Anyway,  The focus of the blog was to write letters to inanimate objects, which eventually evolved into me illustrating letters to inanimate objects / fictional characters. Below are a few of the illustrations that I managed to save. You’ll see how my illustration style from nearly 3 years ago is still very similar to my style today. Click picture for a large more detailed look at my coloring skillzzzz.


13 Responses to “Blast From The Past”

  1. Svelte

    Haha…got me in stitches!!! MY heart overides my brain for more than just a ‘ little bit’ unfortunately lol!
    Anyway, minus the oh so cool illustrations… Letters that jumped into my head upon reading this!
    Dear Rock…You don’t!
    Dear Rain…Please don’t!

    :# Carry on…


  2. hernuitalio

    I was an Indonesian,my name exactly mr.hernu milhan nwhen I Wrote this a comment,I suggest what,s being to recived by this site,than I try it and the answer will I see it,after this connect,wordpress must be a champion one in the world,thank oky!


  3. kasturika

    wonderful blog! came here through freshly pressed… and have been here the whole day… thanks for the laughs :)


  4. claytondiggs

    Pretty darn sure it’s not “heart” we’re following when we leave “brain” to sulk in the kitchen. Wait…unless you’re heart is smack between your legs…



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