Alright, thanks for all the questions you guys! Here are my answers, hopefully you’ll learn a little bit more about me and my site! Feel free to ask questions anytime.

Diana asks

Ok, are your illustrations hand-drawn or computer generated?
Everything is computer generated for the site. I draw on a tablet, so it’s kinda like I’m drawing on paper, but also like I’m not. It can be awkward at times, like a middle school dance. I also work in a program called Sketchbook Pro. I would liken it to a really beefed up version of MS paint, but not quite to the point of some of the higher end programs like Adobe Illustrator.

How did you get into illustrating?
Hmm, good question. I would randomly sketch stuff when I was a kid, but I was never really a drawer or illustrator growing up. So I would say I got into it recently, like 2 years ago, when I had a Tumblr blog that I used to post all my weird and crude illustrations, but about several months ago my brain was like “Oh my god, Tim, you should totes create a blog with your illustrations, LOL” and I was like “Good idea, brain. But first figure out how to program the cable box so we can watch TV.” That’s about the time I seriously started illustrating on a daily basis.

Also, what is the square root of 3,232,988,124,008?
Off the top of my head, I don’t know…But I know the color green is definitely not the square root…or is it? Shit, now I’m not sure.

Nicolle asks

Why did you make “cond” and “Lu” different colors?
Very observant question. I wish there was a clever back story, but sadly, there’s no greater meaning to it other than it was just me fooling around with my illustration program, and the need to have a banner for the blog. Let’s pretend like it’s a tattoo that I now regret and will one day replace with a much better one.

Why is your writer’s block purple?
I tried a bunch of different colors and purple just seemed to radiate Ernesto’s personality the best. The second choice was “piss yellow,” so, I’m pretty happy with purple.

Free Penny Press asks

What time is it when you are reading my comment?
Well today is Wednesday evening, but I saw the comment on Monday morning-ish, but I saved answering it until Thursday’s post, and tomorrow is Friday, which is promptly followed by Saturday and Sunday, which then brings us back to Monday. That answer got out of hand fast.

With “The Avengers” movie being such a hit, ever thought of doing some “Super-hero” illustration?
I do have the CATvengers comic. I’d definitely like to continue doing something with cats as superheroes on the illustrations page, either with CATvengers or something entirely different. I just think that cats are really funny (see: easy) things to draw in comics. But as far as a traditional superhero illustration style goes, that is far beyond my skill set. I don’t want to mislead you guys, but the stick figure-ish illustrations I do for this site are right about at the ceiling of my drawing ability. With more time I could certainly draw things that have greater detail and scope, and I’d definitely like to find a way to do that in future projects for the site. I just need the time to do it and still be able keep up with my posting schedule!

Svelte asks

Okay so my question is, Celts in 5?!
The C’s have lost game 5 :(  

Seriously now, about your illustrations… Are they created from scratch each time or…? 

Short answer: Yes and No.

Long answer: All the of the projects on the illustration page are built from scratch. I start with a blank canvas. On the flipside of that, is the blog, where about 90% of those illustrations are based off of a saved template, which is essentially just the body and face of a character. I just add a few details and then color it.

Here’s an example of a stock template I work with on the blog side:

And now here are some of the different things I can come up with using a stock template in about 20 minutes 

How long does it take to create one piece? Do you usually get it in one try?

Completing something for the illustration page can take up to several hours spread out over a few days. But illustrations on the blog side take around 10-15 minutes. I typically don’t get something the way I want it in one try. I’ll draw things like mouths and arms several times over to get it just right. It sounds crazy and slightly obsessive, but I really think a lot can be conveyed in just the tiniest details of the way something is drawn.

Nate asks

I don’t want to sound racist, but is Ernesto related to Grimace?


Jen and Tonic asks

What is your spirit animal?

Easy. A velociraptor. I am fast, cunning, ruthless, and like to laugh.

If you had to have sex with one of The Golden Girls, which one would it be?

I’m handicapped by this question since I only know one of The Golden Girls, B-Dubz.

Are you sexy and you know it? Or is that song a big, fat lie?

Luckily, I am unaware of how sexy I am, but I assume “very” is not an uncommon modifier tacked on to my sexiness. But not actually knowing takes a lot of pressure off of me because I don’t like to have to clap on command. I always feel like clapping should be organic.


18 Responses to “Giving your Q’s some A’s”

      • Jen and Tonic

        YEEEEESSSSS! Your spirit animal kicks ass. It was better than what I could have anticipated.

        Also, how can you not be aware of your own sexiness? It exudes from you right through my computer screen.


    • timmer

      Yes, absolutely. He seems so lonely. I found my writer’s block to be less smothery after I graduated. Good luck!


  1. Svelte

    Wow…thanks for the insight! Really appreciate the time and effort put forth!
    You’re right, expressions/emotions lay in the smallest detail…(and that’s where the Devil hangs out I hear!) :/


  2. Nicolle

    Great questions and even better answers! And I agree, “piss yellow” would not work for a writer’s block…

    Anyway, cool that you dream of being Wolverine and Michelangelo! Cowabunga dude!


    • timmer

      Maybe there’s some alternate universe where there is a yellow writer’s block…hmm. And, yes, when I was younger I wanted to be a Ninja Turtle when I grew up. Still working on it!


  3. iamlenise

    This is a great site..Thanks for the laughs..Congrats on being freshly pressed *(^-^)*


  4. VV

    I want to ask what format are you rdrawings saved as. Do you vectorize your pictures?. I agree with your answer about the little details of the character because i had lived that.
    For last , I iked this post, I laugh a lot ;)


    • timmer

      Thanks VV! Hmmm unfortunately I don’t know much about save formats. I do know I save my images as .png files because I noticed that there was some image artifacts with jpeg. If I knew what “vectorize’ was I would answer that particular questions, but hopefully I was able to answer your question.


      • VV

        Oh ok. I save too on .png for the same reason u do. And vectorize is a process you can do to an image with a program to convert all the tracings,color, ect of the image into geometrical figures to reduce blended edges. Well , your drawngs seems like they are vectorized even if they’re not :) .


      • timmer

        Good to know. I’m still kinda new to working digitally, so any and all information on the matter is actually really helpful. Thanks, VV!


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