Last week was just “one of those” weeks. The kind where you’re crazy busy in-and-out of work and all you can do at the end of the day is fall face first into your bed and pass out. This all culminated with a Saturday full of drinking and a Sunday spent walking 20 miles through the great city of Boston to raise awareness / funds for hunger (Hey, look, I’m blogging like a normal person!). For those keeping score at home, I almost rolled my ankle no less than 4 times and I only trampled 4 kids and 1 squirrel!

Suffice to say, I don’t have a post with the type of content expected every Monday here at Second Lunch. But I thought this would be a good time to do a little housekeeping.

First off, can we all agree Second Lunch isn’t the typical “personal” blog you encounter while out n’ about your internet jog? I don’t mean this to come across as a bad or good thing, I just mean that I tend to think of Second Lunch as more of an “illustrated” blog, rather than solely a personal one. That being said, I’d like to take the time for you guys to ask me stuff about Second Lunch or random stuff, so that you can get a better understanding of my site/blog and of me that you wouldn’t typically get otherwise. I’ll answer your questions (even if it’s just one person asking me ‘what time is it?’) in another post either later this week or the next. Hopefully, I can incorporate some of those questions into a F.A.Q. section that can benefit other people in the future. You can leave your Q’s in the comments below / email me / or tweet me

Secondly, just wanted to thank all you guys that read the actual blog portion of my site. I love making illustrations. But I make those with the intent of getting as many people as I can to see them and in doing so, a vast majority of my traffic comes from illustrations. However, most of my interactions come from the blog, which is where I’m most able to connect with my readers and commenters because of the type of content that I put it in, so to all the ‘blog’ readers, I just wanted to say “THANKS!” and also throw a really awesome high-five that slightly stings afterwards. Anyway, it’ll be back to regularly schedule programming next week!

So, ask me something?


10 Responses to “Housekeeping”

  1. dianasschwenk

    Ok, are your illustrations hand-drawn or computer generated? How did you get into illustrating? Also, what is the square root of 3,232,988,124,008?


  2. free penny press

    Two questions:
    1) what time is it when you are reading my comment?
    2) With “The Avengers” movie being such a hit, ever thought of soing some “Super-hero” illustration?

    As for your stinging High-Five, I offer you this:


  3. Svelte

    Congrats!!! I hope to run or walk for a cause one day…it is a goal!!!

    Okay so my question is, Celts in 5?! Seriously now, about your illustrations… Are they created from scratch each time or…? And how long does it take to create one piece? Do you usually get it in one try? :s

    Crap…my knowledge of all things illustrated is def. showing…:\


  4. Jen and Tonic

    What is your spirit animal?

    If you had to have sex with one of The Golden Girls, which one would it be?

    Are you sexy and you know it? Or is that song a big, fat lie?



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