Here are a bunch more badges for you guys to try and unlock at work. Many of them were inspired by readers comments (linked). Good luck!

Game of Thrones

A management position has opened up in your department. Obtain it.

140 Characters or Less

Get a RT or @ reply from a verified Twitter handle while at work.



When Pigs Fly

Special: Can only be obtained by retail or service industry workers.

Have 2 different customers utter the words “I’m sorry” in a single work shift.

Inspired by emmahevezi

Ghost Mode

Go an entire work shift without muttering a single word.

Inspired by TableSpoonOfFlavors

Awkward Turtle

Make 3 comments in one work week that directly results in an awkward silence or an abrupt subject change.

Inspired by Handsome Lover of Words


In one work shift, sing part of a song and get 3 co-workers to sing the exact same part unsolicited.



The Guardian

Do not lose a pen for an entire work week

Inspired by Rochelle

Finish What You Start

Use a single pen until no ink remains

Note: The same pen from The Guardian Badge can be used in unlocking The Finish What You Start Badge.



Coffee Monster

In one work day, consume 5 separate cups of coffee.

Inspired by Standrewslynx



“Out” of Office 

In one work day, see how many emails you can avoid that are sent directly to you.

Note: Can only be attempted once a week. Highest total to be written in the red circle.

Inspired by TimeForVacationYet




Occupy the most coveted non-office workspace or desk on the floor.



The Floor is Lava

After returning from lunch break, attempt to make it to your desk without touching the floor.

Inspired by G.E. Allen



Cereal Killer

In one month, eat 10 different cereals at work.



The Hangover 

After a night of heavy partying / drinking, show up on time to work and make it through the entire day.

Inspired by Nate



No Rest For The Wicked

In one 24 hour period, punch in before sunrise and punch out after sunset.



Peace Keepers

Special: Teamwork Badge

In one work week, the communal microwave must remain spotless. Any visible debris caused by any employee trying to unlock the badge (non-players included) immediately results in a failed attempt and the challenge restarts the following week.

Inspired by 1daughter




Have your intern(s) make it to the end of their internship.

Inspired by Sarah




The First Edition (and an explanation of how to play)

31 Responses to “Badges: Workplace Edition Volume 2”

  1. Jen and Tonic

    I could have earned “Ghost Mode” and “The Hangover” at a job I used to have. I’d come in after going on a bender and not getting any sleep, and would just plug away at my computer all day without looking up. I’m sure some people thought I was Autistic…or perhaps a serial killer.

    These days I’m more “Coffee Monster”


  2. Christopher

    What is the ounce requirement on cups of coffee for “Coffee Monster”? lol Also, I have the only desk that exits in the warehouse area of my job. No one else works in the warehouse area though, they all utilize the desks in the small office we have. Does this still count?


    • timmer

      No oz. requirements. I would just say 5 “mugs/cups” of coffee is perfect fine. We have a Keurig in our office, so that’s kinda what I’m working off of. And as far as the desk question, if it’s the only desk in your direct work area/floor then, yes, that does count. Otherwise I assume people would be working at a crummy table or off of milk crates.


    • timmer

      Absolutely, I designed it with the idea of taking an office supply all the way to the end. There’s definitely some flexibility with earning badges.


  3. Svelte

    Haha! Ninjas got The Lava Floor all wrapped up I should think… Coffee Monster and Cereal Killer though…effortlessly attainable for moi!


  4. postmoderngirls;

    It isn’t enough to make your interns finish their internship. Bonus badge if they: a) survive it, b) are a friend at the end of it, c) not suicidal.

    There needs to be an ‘RT isn’t an endorsement’ or ‘Out of Office, please e-mail _______’ badge if you can run into enough of them in a week.

    When I move to South Africa and have to work all by myself in a strange office with people not related to my organisation, I will give myself badges if I’m awesome. Seriously. I’ll take a photo when I win at life.


    • timmer

      I first had the intern badge set as “no interns perish while on internship,” but I wasn’t sure how many people could relate to it. Now looking back, I think a lot would. And, yes, please do take a photo of any badges you acquire! It’ll validate the game.

      P.S. Good luck with South Africa! I wonder what it will be like going there from the Philippines?

      P.P.S. World traveler badge?


  5. Arsonette Artworks

    I volunteer with the Cub Scouts and I get annoyed that I can’t earn any of the badges myself and now I can! I’m so happy! Although I have to say I currently work at a comic book store so I don’t know how far I’ll get with this. Thanks for the cool post!


      • Arsonette Artworks

        Definitely check out the new DC 52 if you can, they are awesome and the first series have just started coming out in graphic novel! I know it’s DC rather than Marvel like the Avengers but it’s awesome! Especially Aquaman. And although Marvel will always own my soul DC just have better business sense in that you don’t have to buy every one of their titles to understand something in one. God bless the reboot!


  6. setinmotion

    I’m sorry, but I really feel like the “When Pigs Fly” badge is probably completely impossible to achieve. TWO sorry customers in the one day?


  7. cruelladekill

    I’m hands down the awkward turtle.

    That sounded bad. My hands aren’t down it. Let’s try this again.

    Hands down, I’m the awkward turtle.


  8. nickerockers

    Love it!

    I got the game of thrones a week or two ago. Also, I had a look at volume 1 of this game. Does pulling a prank on a co-worker, implicating someone else, and having the prankee confide that they believe the “someone else” did it count for the rumour mill badge?


  9. Back in the Saddle

    “No rest for the wicked” is easy in the northern latitudes in winter. I live in Seattle and you can work an eight-hour day and work “from dark to dark” as we call it.


  10. dansortino

    A great idea well executed.
    What about an”Antisocial Networking” for not checking Facebook for a whole shift (on ANY tech)?

    For that I will be eternally unable to get the set.



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