It’s been about 3 months now since I’ve started this blog and I just wanted to take a moment and throw the most awesomest high-five to everyone that’s discovered my site and decided to hang around. Even though we’re all new around here (me included), you may have noticed that I’ve essentially been posting content twice a week. Typically, a comic and blog post combo deal. I’ve decided to scale that back a little and let you know my new posting schedule will be EVERY MONDAY @ 10AM ET. Expect something fresh to be delivered weekly to your inboxes or readers at that time.

Why am I doing this? And why does it matter?

1. Creating content twice a week is soul-crushingly hard

I’m pretty sure it was evident in my last post, but just to reiterate, trying to create something in my spare time that I think is awesome and that you hopefully enjoy as well, is very time consuming. It’s even harder trying to do it twice a week. I really wish I could just put on a funny knitted hat and tell my computer to make something hilarious. Instead I spend hours nearly every night working on content. If I keep going at that pace I will absolutely burnout and my posts will start to look something like this:


2. Finding you guys

I’d by lying if I said I didn’t want my readership and sites popularity to grow. And so I spend a lot of time working on things for my blog. By putting my head down and applying quite a bit of sticktoitiveness to my own work, I forget that most of you guys reading along have your own blogs that you work very hard on as well. If you take the time to read and comment on something I made, the very least I can do is head on over to your spot on the interwebs and see what you’re up to as well.

By reducing the amount I post each week, I’ll have more time to build a stronger sense of community with you guys.

3. Decreasing quantity will increase quality

I was putting a lot of pressure on myself to create content twice a week these past few months. Because of this I’ve often felt that most of my content was rushed and could have been a lot better if I just had another day or so to mull it over. Having several more hours at my disposal to work on content means comics and posts will have the potential to be a lot bigger and a lot better. And I do have some really cool projects for the site that could benefit from a little more incubation time than is currently allowed.


4. I break rules

Just because I said I’ll be posting on Monday’s doesn’t mean I won’t go stealth-ninja on everyone and plop out a post on the internet at some random time during the rest of the week. I’m just saying, don’t expect it. Maybe this will keep our relationship fresh and you from straying away? I mean, I’m not saying anything, but where are you going at 9PM on a Thursday night, hmm? I mean there’s only so much ice cream one can store in the freezer.

Alright with you guys?

Hugs and horcruxes,



8 Responses to “Second Lunch 2.0”

  1. KG

    You’ve named your writer’s block?! I like it. Ernesto has a certain…panache to it that is very fitting for his/her (I don’t think that a name should restrict one’s potential gender – read: I’d like to meet a female Ernesto) grape color .

    I look forward to your Mondays installments, and the occasional stealth ninja update.


    • timmer

      I so agree that Ernesto has panache. And I also like to think of Ernesto as some amorphous asexual block. I think my writer’s block just became a regular character on my blog!


  2. Svelte

    Sounds good! Also I totally could not (and would not be able to) read that ‘handwriting’… whew! J/K.



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