8 Responses to “Pollen. Public enemy no. 1”

  1. Svelte

    I seem to be pretty ‘compatible’ with Pollen. ‘Cept for the sporadic sniffles and runny eyes… no major drama, thankfully! Even though that rocket booster shot seems cool… Zero have been launched into my arm thus far! YayO!


  2. bigsmileu1

    That evil, smiling Pollen has attacked my sinuses and made me resort to Claritn. I love your illustrations! Great blog. :)


  3. flygirlblaine

    Allergies are the WORST! I’ve been defying the boring rule that ‘all peoples allergic to pollen must live in a plastic bubble for 3-8 weeks’ this spring. Instead of sitting huddled in front of the TV all day, hugging a tissue box and popping pills, I’ve been rebellious! I’m flying planes, high above the pollen’s evil clutches!!! muahaha :P


  4. Pipeta

    So true! This springtime for the first time ever, I was attacked by pollen! Ruthless, vicious, pollen.


  5. fadumbuggie

    That’s pretty funny because my allergies are usually agitated by dust.



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