*The weather here in Boston has been unusually warm for March. Typically, I shouldn’t be able to strut around my apartment in just a t-shirt and jeans with the windows open. But it happened. Twice this week. And that got me thinking about warm weather, which got me thinking about ice cream trucks that also served beer. I wish I could take credit for that clever idea, but I can’t. A quick google search reveals many people have already beaten me to it. Also, the idea has to be breaking several laws. But did any of those google searches yield a comic depiction complete with a chubby kid about to wolf down a Choco Taco?

No. Absolutely not.


4 Responses to “What I think when I see an ice cream truck go by”

  1. Posky

    The icecream truck in my neighborhood sometimes shows up playing its music well after dark. So I usually think that there is a good chance there is a very sick and dangerous person behind the wheel.



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