One day you’re sitting there coloring a honey badger you drew on your computer–because this is what 26 yr olds apparently do on Sundays–and the next thing you know, a whole lot of people are suddenly looking at your crude illustration skills. I’m still trying to comprehend it. So let me just say that I am extremely grateful for everyone that stopped by my site this week, liked something, left a nice comment, and entrusted me enough to follow me. It isn’t lost on me how fortunate I am to have something promoted to Freshly Pressed. Having the affirmation of knowing more people than I can count on two hands think something I created was humorous only motivates me to work even harder. Really, thanks a million.

Ok, so if you’re now following along, is it cool if I rip off some bullet points so we can get to know one another better and then it’ll be back to the funny? Cool cool cool.

-I’m Timmer or Tim, whichever, I’m the guy behind everything here at Second Lunch.

-The Comics section mainly houses general illustrations that I think most people can enjoy and the blog contains personal story/article/essay-ish type of content that a more traditional blog exhibits. Followers and subscribers will get both. I am a fan of this juxtaposition.

-Like most of you I have a full-time job (or something similar) that requires my full attention for 40+ hrs a week. Contrary to the tone in my Badges comic, I do in fact work very hard at my day job and I try my best to keep my attention there since they’re paying me.  This is the reason for the hours (sometimes days) of lag on reading other peoples stuff or commenting on comments, usually I try and squeak in a response or check in on my phone during a coffee break or lunch. But typically, I’m only active early in the morning or later in the evening.

-Second Lunch is essentially my “second job” where I easily spend something like 20+ hrs a week working on stuff, so my dinner is like my “second lunch break,” hence the name of the site. I make no money from this site and work very hard creating stuff for it (see: passion project).

-Please don’t take my comics too seriously or read to deeply into them. I’m just here for the humor.

-I will use bad language in some of my posts and will do my best to deploy it sparingly, and only if I feel it elevates what I’m trying to convey. My reasoning behind this, is that I believe a well placed F-bomb can set something off like a spice or seasoning to a dish.

-I try and post “something” weekly, typically Monday or Tuesday. I’ll strive for quality over quantity. Fellas amirite?

-I’m more active with the jokes and musings on Twitter –> @Timmer_O

Hugs and Honey Badgers,



14 Responses to “Hi There”

  1. Nicolle

    Wrinkly posts are the best, but freshly pressed is pretty awesome too! Congrats.

    As for hugs and honeybadgers…can that be done at the same time? I was under the impression that could be quite dangerous.


    • timmer

      Thanks Nicolle!

      Yes, hugs and honey badgers can be done at the same time. I can’t stress enough how dangerous it is. It should only be attempted once you have mastered hugs and honey badgers separately.


  2. Svelte

    Whoa…you swear on this blog?! I can’t have that! Lol j/k!!! Awesome TY letter to the Editor… I prefer to see the one that you sent before being pressed though!:p Again, I’m joking… :)


  3. postmoderngirls;

    Ahh! Congratulations on making Freshly Pressed!
    I missed it while falling off the face of the Internet, but that is amazing! I’m super excited for you.
    Also, I feel like I have cool points because I READ YOU BEFORE YOU WERE FAMOUS. I need to get on memegenerator and make myself an image.
    I’ll stop waffling on- but well deserved! xxx


    • timmer

      Yes! Thanks, Risha. I think you were definitely the first reader/return commenter here. It went a long way in knowing that someone could relate or see themselves in the things I was posting. Thanks so much for finding me, it may not seem like it, but you definitely played a part in any success my little blog gets.



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