10 Responses to “Sir Timmer & the Quest for the Parchment of Knowledge: A tale of student Loans”

  1. KG

    You’re hilarious. Love this. Sorry about the loans. Maybe one day they will be no more!


    • timmer

      Thanks for reading KG! Unfortunately, student loans seems to be the one problem that can be fixed by throwing more money at it.


  2. Nicolle

    Ah yes, student loans…pretty much all that is left of the pursuit of the parchment of knowledge. It’s been almost 2 years now and have not defaulted once, thankfully.


  3. SociallyUnattractive

    you had me shrieking at: hold me closer tinnny dannnncer! whilst i did not enter the fabled and mystical Lands of Academia, mine daughter did and she’s getting this link! you’re fucking hysterical!


  4. Ms.Musings AboutLife

    Super loans and I go waaay back. We’re so comfortable with each other now that they don’t even need my permission before I pay them – automatic draft. Welcome to the World of the Working – to pay Super loans.



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