Strange things start to happen on Facebook when you reach your mid-twenties.

Aaaand this comment thread is about to get hijacked.

28 Responses to “What the Facebook?”

  1. Rob Rubin

    Haha. Love it. I’ve often thought about posting something like “I just married my 7th wife today!” Just to break up the boring normal announcements.


    • timmero

      I like to keep people on their toes on Facebook by throwing a curve ball every now and then. Sounds like you do the same. Keep fighting the good fight and we can end Facebook monotony for good.


      • hernuitalio

        yes,I like to see a body without wear when in safety conditions,but when sattanic came I hate them.ha haha!by hernuitalio)


  2. atelian33

    That. Was. Awesome. I am in the exact same boat. Babies and wedding rings everywhere and I’m still making as many funny status updates as possible. I hate people that grow up.


  3. Joe Pineda

    Thread hijacking is the worst thing to ever happen to me in Facebook. I could be talking about a movie, or some funny event that took place over the weekend, and then someone totally ninjas that shit and types OH HEY JOE IT’S PEGGY SUE FROM HIGH SCHOOL U REMEMBER ME,

    Ugh. Normally those same folks get pissed at me for ignoring their greeting, but whatever.


  4. foreigninput

    after so many baby photos…I came to the conclusion that I somehow am in the future..I simply have to be..otherwise there is always that disable update thing lol



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