Sometimes I see a nature show on the Discovery Channel, or even a really awe-inspiring National Geographic desktop background on a co-workers computer, and then I’m all like “I need to get all up in Mother Natures business this weekend”

Luckily, I live in New England, so there is no shortage of forests or mountains that I am aware of. Unfortunately, I am terrible at things like forests and/or mountains. Here’s a question, what has two thumbs and thinks playing Oregon Trail counts as “camping”? This guy!

And no amount of rugged wind-proof fleece jackets or indestructible water bottles can hide that truth.


Aside from masking my lack of outdoors know-how with overpriced apparel, I possess the inability to properly pack anything for a hike.


If at any point I feel lost on my outdoor adventure, I will assume I actually am lost and will resort to survival tactics that I’ve picked up from watching countless hours of television and movies.





In spite of being woefully inept at  anything outdoorsy, I still enjoy fresh air and the scenic views from a summit. What about you guys? Skilled outdoorsmen/women or novice adventurer? Are you reading this from atop a mountain now? Because that would be super neat.


6 Responses to “Nature: like television, but realer”

  1. postmoderngirls;

    Not atop a mountain, but maybe next time I can catch 3G on a mountain?

    I like the outdoors, but as you know- I live in Manila and that’s not exactly accessible. When I’m at the gym though, I push myself to run an extra kilometer or cycle a little bit harder… just so I know I can survive if I were thrown into some hardcore survival themed post-apocalypse world. That or have a chance at winning Amazing Race.


    • timmero

      My workout routine revolves mostly around being able to outrun anything in a post-apocalyptic world


  2. Rocket

    I think my sense of adventure stays within daydreaming limits. Nature shows only get me pumped up till I open my door and feel a cold breeze: “Eh, maybe some other time”.


    • timmero

      at least you won’t succumb to dysentery, unless of course, you’re playing Oregon Trail.


  3. Nicolle

    Well, I’m reading this atop the circular mountain that is my couch and I had the balcony door open earlier. Does that count?

    But, generally I do like the outdoors, although living in Philly and not having a car kind of gets in the way of that. I would same I’m intermediate when it comes to outdoors. I did used to be a Girl Scout, so I did camp at one time, but I’m not really inclined to do so now…. My favorite outdoor activities are snowboarding, zip lining, paintball…all situational of course.


    • timmer

      ooooh, I’ve always wanted to try paintball! …and snowboarding …I guess I don’t really get outdoors much.



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