14 Responses to “5 Things you hate about grocery checkouts”

  1. KG

    Sorry for being one of those massive shopping carters – if I could check myself out, I would. However, they frown upon using the self checkout for that many items!


  2. Alexandra

    wow, your drawings are awesome! I totally agree about all the idiotic behavior we sometimes put up with when interacting with other people – and punching people in the face is STILL frowned upon? Jeez! That’s why I love shopping at farmers’ markets. Much more relaxing…


  3. postmoderngirls;

    I have to give myself a two hour lecture before I can drag myself to the shops & deal with the utter mess of people that won’t get out of my way/stop being complete gits.

    The #1 thing that annoys me at the grocery shop? Children. Get out of my way, kid. It’s really not my fault if you get run over by a shopping trolley.


    • timmero

      Heck yeah. If the focus had been the entire grocery store instead of just the checkout, kids would have been on the list twice. Something about aisles just makes them go super crazy.


  4. bigsmileu1

    I despise the self-check out lanes. Not only do I have to pay premium prices, I also have to scan and bag my own groceries. It never fails, I always have to get a service clerk to come over and punch in some magic code to finish my transaction. Excellent humor here at your site. I am a fan. :)


  5. Chizzy

    At my local supermarket, they don’t have those bars that separate your groceries from the person’s in front of or behind you, so I just hope the cashier sees me taking my yoghurt pack out of the trolley and putting it down at least half a ruler’s length away from the stuff of my ‘predecessor’, and doesn’t mess anything up.
    It really is a mission trying to deduct something from the shopping list when it’s already been scanned.


  6. Holly Ulrich

    I live on a french island. I can especially relate to the last one. Here, the french MEN especially, do this all the time!
    – love the “magical flute of chaos” too!



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