I realized the other day that your 20 something years are really just a battlefield for learning to be an adult. Shortly thereafter, I realized I was still in the shower after 30 minutes and that I shouldn’t waste hot water like that. I’m still figuring out how to be an adult, you guys.

For example, I haven’t been grocery shopping in a long ass time and I didn’t have any food in my apartment, so instead of getting groceries or takeout like an adult, I instead rummaged my freezer and found some ice cream which won over my affection and appetite rather quickly.

Another example: over the weekend I was going to sit down and take a good hard look at my finances and loans to make sure I’m still in good standing, but instead I bought an entire large pizza and bottle of wine for myself and spent the next several hours rotating through TNT and TBS movie marathons.

This isn’t to say that I don’t function like a responsible adult, most of the time I do. I’m just prone to extreme fits of lethargy and then find myself unable to do something productive. Its a thought process that just keeps spiraling. Then again, I think everyone suffers from this to varying degrees.

What I’m pretty much coming to gripes with, is that I’ll never be that ideal image of “adulthood” at all times. I don’t want to be that ideal image and that’s fine. For me it will always be a balancing act between two different shades of my personality, it will always be between the “that’s what she said” jokes and paying my bills on time.


5 Responses to “20 somethings, aka emerging adults, aka people who don’t give flying falafel”

  1. artfoundhelen

    Completely and utterly agree with you! I’m so very much like this – even to the point of the ice cream love!


    • timmer

      Most of my friends are definitely like that. But we’re in the part of 20-something land where a few are about to get married or have children. I’m still wandering around the part with ice-cream for breakfast.



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