27 Responses to “5 Public Transportation Riders That Ruin Commutes”

  1. timmero

    I’m a borderline “exceptionally loud music listener”. The first step is admitting you have a problem. I’m proud of you.


  2. TheBourneBlogger

    That is, without a doubt, my worst offense.
    Actually, the worst part about it is probably that I tend to become an “exceptionally loud singer-along-er-er.
    And thank-you, for giving me the opportunity to realise and admit my commuting misbehavior.


  3. photographyandstuf

    That last one is hilarious. I never read other peoples texts because it’s rude, but I do put my phone really close to me or down on my lap when im reading or writing a text just in case someone is snooping.


      • Christie

        Reading over the shoulder is invasive and creepy!! lol love the comic; Now I’m kinda glad I live in LA and pay 4.45/gal for gas on my Tacoma and take an hour to get 20 minutes away just to avoid all those gummy-bear-eating-over-the-shoulder-reading-STFU already-impose-your-obnoxious-music people… Totally worth it!! lol


  4. Svelte

    I thoroughly enjoyed your blog and comics!!! I sooo am guilty of ‘blasting’ my earphones. Trance/techno/metal simply can’t be heard in lesser decibels than what’s considered to be ‘annoying’ !!! Haha…

    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!


  5. jokerbiker

    I so get this now after a year of commuting into London city centre. I just don’t understand some people’s lack of respect for others sometimes.

    The one I still don’t get is the herd mentality that seems to infer that if there are more of ‘You’ walking down the pavement than there are of ‘Us’ then you are allowed to take up the whole pavement and make us wait or move over while you go past. This is especially true outside stations.

    I have taken to listening intently to others conversations when they are far too loud on the basis that they obviously want everyone else to hear so I should at least make the effort to look interested. I hope they appreciate it.



  6. bigsmileu1

    The cell phone conversations are what I despise. Don’t these people know they are telling the whole world their business? And, seriously, I don’t want to know. Great Work! :)


  7. cloudy with a chance of sarai

    Reblogged this on cloudywithachanceofsarai and commented:
    Public transportation is not for the faint of heart…or the sane person wanting/expecting a quiet commute. I had to deal with all five types of these jackalopes on the daily when I took the Metro/bus to work everyday when I lived in DC…. c’est la vie.


  8. cloudy with a chance of sarai

    I once listened to a cell phone convo a 20 something girl was having about how her boo/baby daddy was in jail again because he broke parole since he was caught selling more drugs on the corner outside of their apartment. There was a whole lot of, “giiiirrrrlll, you know he ain’t do nothin’ wrong”, but then more of, “he needs to come on and get out cus my kids need diapers. I ain’t gettin’ no job!” What a tragically hysterical way to spend 10 minutes of my commute…

    To be fair though, I have been the backpack faux-paux traveler a few times….hahaha


  9. Pipeta

    Reblogged this on É isso tudo e mais um par de botas. and commented:
    Why I love commuting by bike (if not by car).

    I would add to the list:
    – the nail trimmer guy
    – the smartphone on speakers playing hip hop guy
    – the dump the free daily newspaper on the floor before hopping off guy
    – the stinking of alcohol and cigarettes at 7 in the morning guy
    – the exhaling the last breath of smoke when entering the train/bus guy
    – the push to enter before anyone has had the change to get out guy
    – the make the best of rush hour and scrub myself on some young lady guy


  10. jolynproject

    I am definitely an exceptionally loud music listener at times. I do it to promote underrated, indie artists. I think I am doing a service for the world because my taste of music is the best taste around. Just saying. ;)


  11. vidablogg

    I have always been annoyed by this type of commuters, they definitely can ruin your commute (especially so darn early in the AM)…So glad I drive…now I can’t stand pedestrians ha ha.



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